Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Papelera Palermo

While we’re getting settled into our new neighborhood, I want to share one of my favorite stores here in Palermo. I originally came here in search of stationary to write letters home or to write various thank you notes. Well, that was a lofty goal. However, I have found myself wandering around Papelera Palermo wishing I wrote more and for some reason needed that handmade, Dutch-style pressed, blue and white Batik loose sheet of paper. I’m still thinking.

They do have things I would actually use - incredible stationeries, inspirational journals in leather or with unique designs, neat little pads of paper for everyday use. In addition, they have origami paper, sketchbooks, rolls of printed paper and courses to learn how to actually use them. The gift ideas are endless.

I am also intrigued by their large book selection, including limited edition artists’ books and some really neat coffee table books that I have nowhere to put.

It’s obviously not your typical stationary store. Every aspect of Papelera Palermo is handsome - right down to the structured display of all its’ contents - making the space itself worth a visit. Almost exotic. For anyone interested in design, like my pal Anna, this place is a dream come true. For me, while I continue to look for excuses to buy more paper, it is thrilling to have such creativity and inspiration right around the corner.

You can shop online here.

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mcl said...

I bought this http://papelera.eurofull.com/shop/detalle.asp?oynprodid=1313 there last summer... I love it still.