Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Chinaman Pose

Apparently the Argentine women's soccer team was feeling left out and wanted to get in on a little of the Olympic foto fun like Spain. The Guardian UK article explains,

The footballers shown are Maria Potassa, Eva Gonzalez, Fabiana Vallejos and Andrea Ojeda, with the image originally appearing in the Argentine sports periodical Olé on August 5 as part of its Olympics coverage. It is thought,as has been the case previously, that the gesture was intended to be harmless. However, it is certain to prolong the debate about Spanish and South American attitudes towards ethnicity.

READ: "South American attitudes towards ethnicity." INSIGHT: Have you seen an Argentine commercial recently? Their idea of "PC" translates to one blonde kid trying really hard to fit in while eating his yogurt in a sea of brunettes. The foto didn't even raise an eyebrow when it was first published here 2 weeks ago. There's just not the same cultural sensitivity here, or in Spain for that matter, as in the US. Moreover, no one wants to hear what we Americans have to say about it anyways. Am I right or what? (No one answers "what" unless you're 12.)

Personally, I find the foto more comedic than racist. Obiviously they didn't intend any harm. I mean look at them, they're laughing like they just finished singing "me chinese, me play joke, me put peepee in your coke" at a slumber party (and who didn't do that?).

The irony is that the stink follows the Argentine's defeat to China; And that during all this Olympic, universal brotherhood sentiment (read previous post and watch this video), we all come from different cultures with different attitudes towards race.

Also, the short chick is a little too convincing, either she's been practicing really hard or is Oriental. I'm leaning towards the latter.

(image above via Guardian UK)


mcl said...

"oriental expression"

Lauren said...

i know you just finished looking at yourself in the mirror with the same face.