Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Fun

I do love the Olympics. I do I do. Which is why it is depressing that I havn’t been watching them (or any TV for that matter). I guess I was just too busy eating cookies and apartment hunting that the Elbow Incident and Micheal Phelps’ victories just slipped out right from under me.

However I do have some comments from last nights viewing…

Girlfriend kicks ass. Romania's Tomescu led the whole second half of the marathon AND ran like 17 victory laps. This is why the Olympics are so admirable – this group of superhumans transcends ethnicity to make us all realize we should go for a 20 min jog every now and then, like TODAY.

Inspired by swimming, Brighton went out and bought one of those wacky speedos, followed by a modeling session.

All in all I love the Olympics for the cheesy, universal sentiments they bring. That says cheesy not Chinese. Cheesy, as in we all live on this silly globe together and learn (mostly) the same life lessons. Now, that's not to say everybody is good at everything. While hometown player U.S.A. has won a sexy 65 medals, Argentina has won a whopping 1 (!) bronze medal for JUDO. I'm sure there are some cultural assertations to be made in that comparison somewhere. There's always futbol...

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